The Brown Shed
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the new farm

It's not my farm.  It's Yonder Way Farm.

Isn't this barn wonderful?  This is Yonder Way Farm's new diggs.  I'm not sure that it could be any more quaint.  The Kramer family just moved here a few months ago.  They were operating from the Washington county countryside, and now live here in Fayetteville, Texas... about 30 miles south of Brenham.

Yonder Way Farm is... well, go and read what they say here.  I couldn't say it any better.

Jason and Lynsey Kramer, along with their four sweet girls, warmly invited folks out to their new farm following the big Independence Day parade.   It was such a great way to spend the Fourth of July!  Everything was lovely, yet not over-done.

Lynsey has great style.  I imagine her new farmhouse is just as darling on the inside as it is on the outside.

My little guy was so excited to see the chickens when we arrived.  He immediately asked if he could pet one.  "Of course you can pet one...  you just have to catch it first."  He was delighted that I was so agreeable, and off he went.

He soon realized that catching a chicken was a much more difficult task.

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 We enjoyed some delicious farm-raised sausage and hot dogs, grilled by the farmer himself.

We then set off to peruse the farm.

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The children were having a ball.

 After all of the festivities, I headed over to the Yonder Way store to pick up a few things.  Raw milk, fresh eggs, farm raised pork and beef.  YWF offers delivery to several locations in the Houston and surrounding areas, so if you are interested take a look at their website for more specific information.

Thank you Kramers, for such a fun and festive Independence Day!

One we will not soon forget.