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how I love a parade

Don't you love a parade?

For me, it is right up there with baseball and apple pie... all American.

So gleeful.  So nostalgic.  So proud.

My little guy loved our Fourth of July parade.

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The anticipation of it was exciting and difficult all rolled up in one.

But it was worth the wait.

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He was awe-struck right away.

It's not hard to see why...

Fire trucks and more fire trucks.

Honest Abe...  he kept saying something profound, but I had the camera glued to my face, so I couldn't make out the words.

Loads of neat old cars in all shapes and colors.

{I know this is a lot of photos, but just know that I am tempted to show you all 239 photos I took...}

Texas longhorn cattle.

That ain't no bull.

Just precious.

I think this is Mater's cousin?

What is Round Top without Royer's?

Apparently, Farmall tractors are the bomb.

Out of dozens of tractors, we saw one John Deere and one International Harvester.

Lots of Barbie waving.

Every time I look at this above photo, all I can think about is giving the gas pedal a little tap.  I know... it's terrible.  Shame on me.

And these sweet things.

We were somewhat near the end of the parade route, so they were soooo over the thrill of it all.  The excitement was so ten minutes ago.

Fire trucks, longhorns, horses, tractors, old cars and ... candy!

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What more could a boy ask for?

Such a fun day!

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