The Brown Shed
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just Dandy...

We found this precious little thing in a busy intersection on our way home from here.

She had been run over.

We saw a lady get out of her car and lay her on the side of the road.

It was all three of my kiddos and me, hearts pounding and aching to see it... we watched it all from the next lane over.

We drove down the road a little ways, and then turned back.

She needed to be rescued.

I tossed one of the small blankets I keep in our vehicle over the little kitty.  She tried to escape me, but could not get far because she was so badly injured.  I scooped her up, and laid her in one of the empty seats... mouth gaping, hurt and scared.

We carried her home.

After a couple of trips to the vet, she is doing great.  I must admit that I am completely amazed that she lived at all.

Other than a crooked leg, you would never know she has endured such tragedy.  She is sweet and lively and ready for a new home.

 We call her Dandy... found on the Fourth of July.