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Get Ready for Round Top

Round Top Antiques Week

They say that everything is bigger in Texas, and the bi-annual antique extravaganza, known to many as Round Top, is no exception. Spanning miles and miles along highway 237, Round Top, Texas and it’s neighboring farm fields turns into an antiques and vintage lovers dream.

Bar W Field

It can be pretty overwhelming, so I will try to give you some tips if you are thinking you might like to dive into this wonderland of vintage goodness.

Round Top Antiques Week

First off, decide when you want to come and which venues you want to see (different venues open and close at different times). The fall 2019 show is upon us… September 19th through October 6th, and many future shows have their dates in place. You can find a good resource for show dates here. A FEW of my favorite venues are Marburger Farm, Blue Hills and La Bahia. The fields of Bar W, and Tree Park are fun too, so don’t miss those. Another favorite stop along highway 237 is Box Road. It’s not a venue, but Donnie and Michael bring a small taste of their fabulous Albuquerque store to Texas, and it is something to see and experience. Brenda and Mark of Kilgore’s Modern Country have recently moved their set up right outside of Round Top’s town square next to The Farm Loft, and they are another shop you won’t want to miss.

Next, start looking into accommodations because everything fills up fast. It’s pretty late in the game for the fall 2019 show, but it’s sometimes possible to find a place that had a cancellation. It’s a good idea to follow any places you are interested in on social media since many times they will post about cancellations or when they have something come available. For future shows, when looking for accommodations, decide if you want to stay in the Round Top area, or if you would rather stay at a chain hotel in a nearby town. Check the chamber of commerce websites in the Round Top vicinity, and also check this website for more great lodging options.

Lone Ranger Antiques

What to wear? You will want to check the weather before heading to Round Top, because as Texans say, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute, it’ll change.” Dress for the outdoors, and dress in layers. Wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes (fire ants), and wear something that will cooperate well in a port-a-potty. Leave all the cute little one-piece jumpsuits at home.

Round Top Essentials

What to bring? When you head out to shop, there are several things that are good to bring along. This is what I have in my bag when I hit the fields: water, snacks, measuring tape, wipes, notepad + pen, phone and cash. There are some vendors that can take credit cards, but as we all know cash is king. I use a simple cross body, canvas bag so that my hands are free while I shop. A backpack would work well also.

Round Top, Texas is truly a special place. There’s no other place quite like it. I hope you can come and experience the magic for yourself. Once you do, you’ll be hooked.