The Brown Shed


              Wife, mother, homemaker, chicken keeper and owner of The Brown Shed.

              Wife, mother, homemaker, chicken keeper and owner of The Brown Shed.

Nestled between my kitchen garden and my chicken coop, sits a humble little building where I keep the goods I gather.  Things like vintage fabrics, antique books, old oil paintings and any number of things that appeal to me.  It’s a happy little place I call The Brown Shed.

I wear many hats these days, so having the shed a short walk outside my back door enables me to be a shop keeper while being at home.  It’s such a gift to have a business that compliments and folds into my day to day life so seamlessly.  Being a wife and a mother is my greatest work, and often my hardest, but I don’t want to miss it! 

I have a wonderful husband who never complains when I ask him to help me haul all sorts of finds and furniture, two beautiful and talented grown-up daughters that keep me up to date on what’s fashionable, a cute little whipper snapper of a son (don’t tell him I said that) that keeps us on our toes and our knees, and an incredible son-in-law I would have hand-picked had my daughter not picked him herself.  Add to this great crew, a garden, a flock of hens, a couple of geriatric dogs, and two cats we scraped up off the street (literally) and voila...that’s my life.  Even though my day to day is pretty ordinary, it’s a life I feel tremendously blessed to live.  The fact that this ordinary life of mine, is a dream life for many in this world is not lost on me.  It’s a gift, and I hope to steward it well.

That’s enough about me.  Thanks to you for stopping by and reading, and for being a part in this adventure.  I hope you drop in every so often to see what’s new.  We have some fun stuff in the works you might be interested in knowing about.

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