The Brown Shed
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The Shed Story

So what is this brown shed anyway?

Well... it is the place I have been storing lots of treasures.

My mom and I owned a cute little brick and mortar shop in the small Texas town where we used to live.  We sold handmade and vintage goods for the home as well as fun jewelry, funky t-shirts and lots of other things girls are known to love.

It was a lot of fun.

When we moved to our new town, we used the shed to store all of our stuff from the shop.

And there it sat.

And sat.

And sat.

I had been talking about the potential of that old shed at the back of our property for quite some time, and I knew emptying it would force me into the process.  So when I mentioned it to my husband, he was ready to get to work... right then!

Our back patio, and our carport filled up rather quickly.

What chaos!!!

I suppose it usually gets worse before it gets better.

Seeing it begin to transform is so exciting!

The shed is going from a storage unit, to a wonderful place for me to create things.

The inside of the shed has started the transformation, and the outside will soon follow...making it the brown shed and not the green shed.  I am hoping once we get some cooler weather, the process will speed up a bit, and the green shed will turn a rich shade of velvet brown...  but, triple digit temperatures will slow down any out of doors activities... whether it is painting a shed, or selling it's contents!

***the shed sale has been post-poned --- check back for new date and times***