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Fall Garden Recipes

I love the fall garden.

So many wonderful vegetables that I didn't like as a child, but now I thoroughly enjoy.

The garden has done pretty well this season, despite the little attention I have given it.

I am convinced that the compost my husband makes is a key ingredient to our success.

The cabbage is about ready to harvest.

I have a new recipe I want to try.  Or, I may just make some homemade coleslaw with pulled pork sandwiches.

We have been eating broccoli for months now.  I love it just about any way... steamed, roasted, raw.

At Christmas, I roasted it using this recipe.

Soon I will make a batch of broccoli salad.  One of my favorites.


The brussels sprouts are coming along.

It's fun just watching them grow.

I like to roast them... but I am on the look out for some other recipes for this cute vegetable.

I saw brussels sprouts used in a floral arrangement once.  It was actually very pretty.  Just pale pink roses and brussels sprouts that had wire stems attached.  The sprouts had opened up just a bit, and had a "rose" look about them.  It was so unusual, but lovely.


Another fun veggie is cauliflower.

It seems to appear over night!

I made Ina Garten's cauliflower gratin last week.  My family loves it.

{You can find it here.}

You should try it.

I've also substituted potatoes for the cauliflower, and it is delicious.


The lettuce is still going great...

...but it's a real pain in the hinder to wash.


The sugar snap peas are slow growing, and don't produce a whole lot, but I love them.

They're pretty and taste so crisp and fresh.

Most of them don't even make it into the kitchen.



The weather has been a little undecided lately, so the peach tree thinks spring is here.

And the potatoes didn't know what to think, so they gave up.


It's so much fun to go out and look around the garden.

Just look at that hair!  I love it.


The spring gardening season is right around the corner!  (I actually saw some tomato plants at my favorite local nursery today.)  So if you are thinking you might like to start a little garden, now is the time to get going and get planning.