Personalized Pillow Cases

Pillowcases or pillow cases?

I searched around, and I found both spellings.  I checked the dictionary on my dashboard, and it only recognized it as two words... so there you go... a random tidbit of information you can file away.


I always have a hard time coming up with gift ideas for the young men in our family.

This year I came up with these personalized pillow cases.  I thought they turned out rather handsome, and they are good for boys of all ages.

For each boy, I gave a pair of sleep pants, and a pillow case with their name appliqued onto it.

I used store-bought pillow cases and an assortment of geometric and solid fabrics.

Here's how I did it.

First, I ironed fusible web onto my fabric.

Then I used the paper side of the fusible web to draw on my letter.

I did this freehand, but you could use a stencil, or template.  I had planned on using some tracing letters I had, but they ended up being to big.  Just remember that, depending on the letter, you may need to trace the mirror image.  For example, the letter "R" needs to be the mirror image, but the letter "O" does not.  This may not seem to make any sense until you actually start putting it all together.  You can see that my first attempt with the "R" was on the wrong side.

Next, I cut out the letters and pulled off the paper backing of the fusible web.

I positioned the letters onto the pillow case, and then ironed them into place.

I had originally planned on hand-stitching the letters, but in the end, I went for speed and opted for machine stitching.

I really like how they turned out.

They would also be cute with a single initial.   A tall slender letter standing upright on the flange of the pillow case?

I hope the boys like them.