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Back in the Garden

This summer was brutally hot.

Surprisingly, my eggplant and bell peppers have struggled through the heat and are making a come back.

I have a new eggplant recipe I have been wanting to try.  And I have so many peppers, I will wash, chop and freeze most of them.

I have planted green beans, shallots, red potatoes, broccoli, brussel sprouts, leeks, swiss chard and a variety of lettuces.  I will plant carrots and snap peas this week and a few other things depending upon what I find at the nursery.

I would love to find some sort of handsome structure to grow the snap peas.

Maybe something like this...

or this...

I think I saw some of these willow teepees out in the fields of Warrenton.  Wishing I would have picked some up.

The two photos above are from Kelley's blog The Polished Pebble.  Lots of inspiration there.

It won't be long until we have our first harvest of green beans.

Do you see those sprouts in the distance coming up?  Those are zinnias that have reseeded themselves.  What a sweet surprise!

Everyone likes to help in the garden.

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