Thanksgiving was filled to overflowing.

New friends, old friends and family is what made the day so great.

My high school girl helped with the baking last week, and everything she made was delicious.  Especially the cookies and the pumpkin cheesecake.

Dad made the turkey and ham.  So good.

I was in the kitchen getting things ready, when we heard singing coming from upstairs.  Beautiful.

Our friend, Tom ran out to his car and grabbed his jimbays.  Everyone gathered in the living room for a little impromptu praise and worship.  Wonderful.

We had the privilege of sharing our Thanksgiving meal with a group of young Air Force men.  What a delight.

When evening rolled around, the house filled with more young folks.  It was a night much like this one.  The topic of discussion around the fire... this incredible man.

At the end of the night, the young Air Force guys circled up and dropped... memorial push-ups for Major David Gray.

A day filled to the top with thanksgiving.

***Thank you, Dixie for letting me use several of your fire-side photos and the great pic of all the guys!***