The Brown Shed
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My kitchen turned into a bake shop this week.

My high school girl and her class sold cookies to help raise money for prom.

I intended on snapping some photos of all the girls gathered around the table, frosting their little fingers off... but I got too busy looking for places to put the cookies.  Once they were frosted, they needed a little time to dry before we could package them.

Surfaces were filling fast with heart-shaped cookies.

Each cookie was placed in a small cellophane bag, tied with a ribbon, and then a personalized tag was added by the one who bought the cookie.

All those cookies were delivered to classrooms or lockers before school on Valentine's day!

It was pretty cute to read some of those tags!  Some from "secret admirer"s, some from brothers and sisters, moms and dads... some for teachers.  We found out that one "secret admirer" tag was made for herself... how cute is that!  I saw some for kids that may not be the most "popular", receive a Valentine cookie from some sweet unsuspecting classmate.  It was such a treat and a huge blessing for me to see all of this.

Sometimes blessings can be found in the most unsuspecting places, don't you think?