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Truly Thankful

We celebrated Thanksgiving a little late this year.

Thursday was filled to the brim with football festivities.

We all headed to Texas A&M for the big game.  The little guy and I just enjoyed the pre-game fun... and did he ever enjoy it.  It was full of all of his favorite things... Aggies, football, airplanes (fly-by) and his daddy.

See... he's so excited, he's glowing!  Gig'em Aggies.

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The Aggie Band.

{I only took my point and shoot camera.  The sun was going down, so photo quality is not the best.}

It was not a good scene when we exited the campus.  It took about three seconds for the little guy to figure out we were leaving and the rest of the family was staying for the game.  I tried to convince him that I had become really hungry, and we needed to take a trip to McDonalds.  In which he replied, "I need my daaaaaaaaaddy!!!"

It's one of those awkward moments when you wonder what the strangers around you are thinking.

Unfortunately, our Aggies didn't win.

So let's turn our attention to food, and table decorations.

We celebrated Thanksgiving on Friday.

After pondering all of the possibilities of plates, napkins, candles, etc. etc.   I ended up with a very simple table.

Reading over that last sentence makes me laugh.  It's just like me.  I love color and pattern and pizzaz... but when it comes to pulling the trigger, I just go simple and subtle.  I do this with clothes and jewelry too.  I will talk myself into buying a cute pair of sassy earrings, only to end up wearing my pearls... every time.


Music books, brown plaid napkins, lavender plants, felt mum pins for the girls, and little shoe shine brushes for the guys.

It was a nice day with my family.

We had a lot of great food... our usual Thanksgiving fare.

The menu always includes a cranberry spritzer.  I make it each year for our Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.  It's delicious, pretty and easy.  Find the recipe at the bottom of this post.

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{Note to self:  Learn how to use the timer on your camera, so you can be in the family photo!}

Celebrating so many things.

I am truly thankful.


Cranberry Spritzer

1 qt cranberry juice - 1 qt club soda - 1 cup raspberry sherbet* - 1/2 cup sugar - 1/2 cup lemon juice

Be sure to have juice and club soda chilled ahead of time.  Mix all ingredients and place in glass pitcher.  A slice of orange or lime is a pretty addition.

*Of all the years I have made this drink, I think I have found raspberry sherbet once.  I usually use orange sherbet, and it is every bit as delicious.

Yields 10 servings.