The Brown Shed
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The Prairie Experience

It was lovely.


The day began in the Ranger Lounge.

(thisphoto and more from here)

We were welcomed with a wonderful meal from Royer's Round Top Cafe.

Grilled shrimp BLT,  Cafe salad with Cilantro Ranch dressing, house rolls and Cafe iced tea.   For dessert... Bud's famous chocolate chip pie with Amy's ice cream.  The pie was warm and simply fabulous.

After lunch, we gathered around to hear more about the non profit Dwell With Dignity.

Kim and Lisa at The Prairie.

Simply inspiring... more to come on this wonderful organization.


Next came a brief chat from none other than The Prairie proprietress... Rachel Ashwell.

She was kind, warm and welcoming.

I will never tire of that sweet English accent.

We were graciously offered a tour of the Liliput Lodge... one of the few dwellings that was not occupied with guests.  This is the original home of the property, dating back to the 1800's, and is the first building you see when you begin down that long dirt drive.

Rachel led the way.

What a treat to enter through the back door... just like an old friend.

 Rachel spoke about her experience of purchasing and decorating the property.  It was refreshing to hear her talk so candidly about the process.  I could relate on some level when she spoke about that overwhelming feeling you have as you survey all of the work that needs doing.

Did you know that The Prairie had almost been The Ranch?

It's true.

Read about it here, and see a lot of "before" pictures when The Prairie was still The Outpost at Cedar Creek, and had not yet been shabb-i-fied.

So many beautiful details... but not overdone.

More to come from my day at The Prairie.