The Brown Shed
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The Little Details on the Prairie

Aren't there so many small details that we simply overlook?

Even in my day to day life I can miss these small blessings if I don't take the time to look for them.

And for me, sometimes it's the "daily"s that can be so difficult.

I want to be purposeful.  I want to be mindful.  And I don't want to miss the blessing.  Even the small ones.

So with that... I want to share some of the small details from my day at The Prairie.

This was what I saw from my car as I left home and headed to Round Top.

The glare off of the window is harsh... but can you see two sets of eyes?

These girls were wondering where I was going, and what all the fuss was about?

This arch came all the way from London, and is now hanging in The Ranger's Lounge, draped with soft, feminine fabric.

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Taxidermy with tiaras.

Zebra chairs?  How did they get here?

I don't know... but I like them.

A paper cake with a peculiar past.

You have never seen so many ladies armed with cameras.

It was interesting to watch what others were photographing.   To see what small details caught their attention.

A friend is not a small detail.  But when you share those small details with a friend, the joy seems doubled.

Chippy iron gate at the front entrance to the Liliput Lodge.

Perfectly worn turquoise paint in the quaint kitchen.

The wagon wheel chandelier that somehow warmed it's way into the affections of Rachel Ashwell's world of roses and pastels.

A frayed needlepoint round, and a jelly jar filled with a single rose and a sprig of coral vine.

Another simple arrangement in a small drinking glass.  Plumbago and mexican petunia.

A painted star in the entry of the Liliput Lodge, and my favorite pair of cowboy boots.

A soft floral pillow convincing you to sit and visit... just a bit longer.

Rachel giving a peek into the sweet, yet hard-working laundry room.

Laundry doesn't seem quite as daunting a task when you are surrounded by beautiful linens.

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I am not seeing any fitted sheets on those shelves.  I bet they were thrown right down into a big laundry basket before they snapped this photo.  We all know, they do not fold up neat and pretty.  Am I right?

Vintage florentine that will be making it's way to Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic stores.

Doesn't this little light on the back porch look like a trumpet vine?

Coral vine climbing up the screened porch and welcoming back door guests.

A fine brick path.

I love the string of lights, and imagine they have a magical affect when they are twinkling in the dark of the night.

I also adore the little scalloped shingles on the dormer at the entry of the cottage.

I must admit that I go weak in the knees for a cute clothes line.

I don't know what it is, but I love 'em.  I hope to have one in my own back yard very soon.

Pastel painted furniture awaiting their journey to a new home, and a sweet little shed with a tin roof.

I imagine this gate at The Bluebonnet Barn has welcomed many guests.

Even feathered friends feel right at home.

This arbor has a simple beauty about it.  Not stodgy or rigid... but casual and welcoming.

Prairie blue arrow pointing the way.

Just look at this truck.  Love it.

Red, white and blue.

Rachel Ashwell's boots.

What would it be like to walk in her shoes?

Sweetly signing each book.

It's time to head home... down the long dusty drive.

Another triple digit day.

Looking back at a wonderful day.


Thank you Kelley Copeland for organizing the luncheon, and to Royer's Round Top Cafe for providing such a delicious meal.