living life...

We have been busy living life around here.  Experiencing the same ups and downs, ins and outs that you have in your home.

One thing that is a constant for us, is the steady flow of teenagers that travel in and out of this old house...  I love it.

And so does this guy.

He is in hog heaven when those big boys come over.   High time for talking football, tackling and the like.


We recently had a house full of teenagers, and the drill usually goes something like this...

We do a little prep.

{Have some fun in the process.}

We order up pizza and hot wings, and then the fun begins.


The kids start filing in the back door, right into the kitchen, and the once tranquil room bursts to life.

I wish you could see it.




After a while, everyone heads back outside.

{Almost everyone.}

This is the heart of it all.

They gather around the fire and talk.

One of the kids provides a topic, and then my husband leads a discussion on it.

One of the guys had just finished reading this book.

So that was the topic for the night.

Pretty simple, right?

But it's huge.  Huge.