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Flea Market Millie

Over the years I have purchased many things from flea markets.

I would even say, that some of my favorite things have come from those kinds of sales.

And just to prove my point...

Meet Flea Market Millie.

Also known as F.M. Millie, but mainly just plain Millie.

The best little scruffy dog a girl could have.

My girls and I were shopping at a Texas flea market on a very hot day back in the summer of  2005.  We all spotted this cute girl and stopped to oh and ah over the little black and white puppy.  I had NO INTENTIONS of bringing her home, as we already had many four-leggeds in our family.  We continued on shopping, but had to pass by the sweet pup once more as we exited the market.

My girls begged me to take her, which is really unlike them.  I think their hearts were heavy with what the future may hold for this little dog.  And with that, I pulled out my pocked book and wrote a check for twenty dollars.

She's a big part of our family.

And she is always up for some fun!

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Millie is a country dog at heart.

She loves the great outdoors and getting down in the dirt.

And she loves the garden.  Most any time we are in the garden, you can find Millie there too.

Millie loves her family.

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Quite possibly the best twenty dollars I have ever spent at a flea market.