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Country Living Fair... belated

I came across these photos, and realized I never shared them.

Snapshots from the Country Living show...their first time to Texas.

It wasn't exactly what I expected.

I guess I was expecting it to be bigger, and with more "fair" type stuff.

But it was still nice.  I enjoyed it.

I thought this booth was so well displayed.  Loved the vintage flag pins.


I did pay the extra fee for early admission, and I felt like it was money well spent.

It gave me time to look leisurely...and not feel rushed.



Crazy, no?

So much I love about this booth.   Ironstone, graphics...etc. etc.

I loved this goat milk sign, though I really don't like goat milk... yuck!

I thought about it, and thought about it...but it was a little pricey.

Those little Airstreams are adorable.  Wouldn't you love to decorate one?  And how about that teepee?  Must belong to some BIG chief, or some BIG chief's wife.

I have seen Great Stuff by Paul listed in the sources of lots of magazines over the years.

I guess that is Paul...and he really did have great stuff!

This photo does not come close to showing how cute this display was!  The radishes stuffed in these enamel basins looked beautiful.  So clever.

I bought some wonderful linens here.

I can't remember why I don't have any photos of my favorite booth.  (I think I ran out of memory on my little point and shoot.)  It was called Summerhouse Antiques.  It's a mother-daughter team, and they had great stuff (sorry, Paul).  They have a real gift for display, too.  The daughter was featured in Country Living early this year.  Read about here.


Here is my loot.

I also bought some fresh baked goods from the Amish folks.  The dill bread was particularly good.  I toasted it in the oven and served it with tilapia, wild rice and a garden salad.

I bought a few things to sell, and a few things for my home.

I love these embroidered kitchen towels I bought for myself.  Functional, and beautiful.  I don't mind that the initials are not my own.

Be sure to check my booth at Hermann's and my shop... I'm adding new stuff.