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Urban Market... and a little craziness

I am almost recovered from our Urban Market sale.  Almost.  It was a fast and fun weekend.  Holly wrote a great post about our adventures, so rather than reinventing the wheel, go take a look here.

The week leading up to the sale turned a little crazy on me.  I won't go into all the details, but to give you a little taste... my high school girl had her senior prom on Friday, my college girl returned home from her study abroad program, I slammed shut the kitchen window on a finger and I had to take an unexpected trip to the dentist.

I have to tell you about the dentist visit.  My little guy asked for a package of fruit gummies after school on Wednesday.  He ate all but the two orange flavored, and rather than throwing them away, I decided to just pop them in my mouth and be done with it.  Well, I never got to gummy #2 because gummy #1 pulled one of the crowns right off of my tooth!  When I exclaimed that my tooth had come out, my little guy clapped his hands and got a huge smile on his face... "Good job!  You lost a tooth! Can I hold it... can I touch it???!!!"  Whilst explaining that it is not good when mommies and daddies lose teeth, my husband chimed in and said, "Well, that's a new perspective on laying down your crown".  See what I am working with here?  It's crazy.

Speaking of crazy... here we are... the Urban Market crew.

Kelly, Holly and me.

Urban Market is such a fun show.  Next sale is October 26th and 27th... mark your calendars.  All show information can be found here.