The Brown Shed
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More photos from Marburger Farm

I later realized that I used many of these photos in an earlier post, but they are all in collages.

Here you can see them individually, and a bit bigger.

All above photos from Time Worn Interiors.  One of my favorite booths to visit at Marburger.   I loved that chandelier... I tried and tried to think of a place I could put it in my home.  Hopefully someone else found it to be lovely, and had just the right spot for it.

I adore these vintage chickens.  They would have come home with me if someone had not already bought them.  I saw a set at the Canton flea market some months ago, and I have thought about them every since.

Look how cute they are as book ends.

This image is from The Polished Pebble blog.  I love Kelley's use of color and fun vintage finds.  You should take a look at that entire kitchen... soooo cute.  There's an interesting story about how she sold that house completely furnished.  But if I remember correctly, she took her chickens with her.  Who could blame her?

Oh... vintage barkcloth.

Fabulous FARMALL.  See what I mean about the creativity?!

Tub turned chaise.  This is definitely creative.  But... well.... that pillow is cute.

This pair was pretty pricey... but so cool.

Are you inspired yet?