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heirloom stockings

I had planned on adding these wonderful stockings to my etsy shop today.

Since they were not made by my hands, and they are not vintage, they do not qualify to be advertised on etsy.


So here I am... peddling my wares.

These are reverse applique felt stockings made in Hungary.

The applique process is one in which the top layer of fabric is cut away with tiny scissors and other special tools that have been handed down within a family.  This intricate process means that there are no seams within the design.

The patterns were taken from cloaks worn by Hungarian shepherds in the 18th century.

They are stunning.

There are three different color combinations.

White on white.

Cream on white.

White on Cream.

21" long and 8" across at the top.

I have a few of each color-way.

If you are interested, leave your email in the comments or click the "contact" button on the side bar.