The Brown Shed

The Coop


as seen in Country Living Magazine     Photos by Annie Schlechter     


Keeping chickens has been a long time dream of mine. When that dream started becoming reality, I researched and thought a lot about the beauty and function of a coop. This is the result...and one of my favorite things about our urban homestead.

The coop is an 8' x 12’ structure with an attached pen of the same size.  The front area of the building is sectioned off for feed and supplies while the back portion houses the nesting boxes and the roost.  It’s roomy, but not too big.  I knew I wanted a good-sized structure that was plenty tall.  It was important to me that you could easily stand inside and enter without stooping.

I’ve created a design that is pretty, and functions really well, while making clean up simple and easy.  The coop accommodates up to twelve chickens, but in my experience, six to nine is ideal.

I'm so pleased to finally offer plans for you to build this wonderful coop we lovingly call... The Chicken Casita.  ($55 + s/h)