Happy Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day was much like last year’s.

Valentine heart sugar cookiesLots of action in the kitchen.  Over two hundred cookies!

The things you’ll do for love.

My little guy was so excited about today.  When his daddy told him he was going to work… he said, “…on Valentime’s Day??!!”

DO NOT PIN this image

But if I were giving these out… I would be excited too!

Valentine giftsValentine giftsHappy heart day!


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7 Responses to Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Love, Love, Love the heart cookie cutter you used.

  2. Those cookies are do darling…so is the cute little guy!
    xo rachel

  3. I meant *so darling! lol

  4. Precious child! Super cute cookies (but lord a mercy – 200!!). Where did you find the red gingham container? I love all things red and all things gingham so these are perfection to me. :)

    • christi says:

      Thanks, Kelly. It was A LOT of cookies… but so worth. The kids at school loved them! You can get the gingham boxes from my etsy shop. Just click the shop button on my right side bar.

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