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Green Bean Bundles

The weather was beautiful today.

The surprise zinnias that came up from seed are blooming.

I harvested our first mess of green beans today.  Did you know that is what you call it?  A "mess"... perfect.

A few years back I discovered a great green bean recipe in The Houston Chronicle.  It has become a staple dish for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

Something a little different from the usual (and a little scary)... green - bean - casserole.

Don't get me wrong... my girls love those crunchy little onion things... but you can hold your culinary head high, as you watch these tasty little bundles fly right off the serving platter.

The recipe came from Rebecca Rather of Rather Sweet Bakery* in Fredericksburg, Texas.

Have you been?

You should go!

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Rebecca Rather has several great cookbooks.

I own the first one, and I love it.

One of many favorites from this book is the Apple-Smoked Bacon and Cheddar Scones.


Okay... back to the green beans.

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This recipe can be found in Rebecca Rather's book The Pastry Queen Christmas.

*UPDATE...The Rather Sweet Bakery has closed.  Rebecca Rather has open a new restaurant... The Pink Pig.