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Christmas Package Adornments and Banners

Is it just me, or does it seem like the Christmas season took off like Mario Andretti?

From 0 to 60 in a few short seconds?

Turkey, pumpkins, pilgrims and bean bundles one minute... Frosty and Rudolph the next.  I want a smoother transition.  Time to really enjoy and savor the moment at hand.

Now that the Christmas season is here... that is exactly what I want to do.  Enjoy the moments at hand.

My pal Holly came over last week and we did just that.  We enjoyed our time together... and we made some stuff.

I bought some german glass glitter a while back, so we pulled it out and had fun with it.  We made some gift tags for packages and glittered some letters and things.

I don't remember where Holly downloaded those cute "love" tags from, but if you're interested, send her an email and ask her.  She is happy to give sources!


Holly also brought over some delicious hot cocoa.  I just happened to have some homemade whipped cream in the fridge... so we splurged!

It seemed like the right thing to do... you know, with the glitter and all.

handmade Christmas |

We also printed off these letters.

They look really cute printed on patterned paper or card stock.  I printed some with a cute gingham background and they are darling!

Use sticker paper or book pages... knock yourself out.


I made a few of these JOY banners recently.  Not when Holly was over.  Much of my time was spent chatting, so I didn't accomplish a whole lot craft-wise that day.

Each one is a little different.  Can you tell?

These accordion letters look cute on top of packages, and even as ornaments.


I made these too.  Sweet and simple.

I took some of these banners, and some other things, down to my space at Hermann's.  A neat old snow sled, some ice skates and other vintage Christmas items.

And these glittered letters and numbers.

These also look cute tied to packages, or hung on stockings.



You can now find these banners in my etsy shop.

Local shoppers can still get them at Whistle Stop Antiques in Giddings, Texas.

Continue to check back as I add new things.   Vintage items coming soon!

The "shop" button will take you to my etsy shop as well.