Pumpkins, Santa and 2013

Did you realize that Thanksgiving came a little earlier in the month of November this past year?  That gave us more time, and more days for our Christmas season.   Doesn't that sound great?  More days.  More time.  It seems I could always use a little more time.  But, actually, in this case, it really threw me off.  Immediately following Thanksgiving, I was completely in denial that the Christmas season was here.  It came too soon.  I was still enjoying the vibrant hues of my pumpkins, and the bright colors in my garden.

IMG_1992 copy

IMG_1996 copy

IMG_1622 copy

IMG_1700 copy

To make the transition even more difficult, the weather was not Christmas-like AT ALL.  It's hard to don scarves and boots and sing "dashing through the snow" in eighty degree weather!

Once I finally embraced the season... it blew by like a freight train.

I am sad to say there were lots of things I never got around to.

IMG_2115 copyLike these little paper bags that I penciled.  All twenty five of them.

IMG_2114 copy

I had some fun ideas for this advent calendar.  Oh, well...it will be packed away, and hopefully get used next year.

We did manage to schedule a visit with Santa.  Our little guy was excited and nervous...all the while on the look-out for reindeer and listening for sleigh bells.

IMG_2051 copy

IMG_2047 copy

A little nervous laughter.

IMG_2052 copyI thought this little incident might put a halt to the whole thing.

IMG_2055 copyNot to be deterred...he needed to talk to The Jolly One.

First off... "where are the reindeer?"

IMG_2058 copyOkay... they are on the roof... now then, "Have you seen Thomas the Train movies?  There is this guy... 'Cranky the Crane'... " IMG_2056 copyGood... it's settled.

IMG_2062 copy

I hope you had a very merry and blessed Christmas.

And a Happy New Year, too!