I made a cute little flyer with jazzy colors and fonts… but I can’t seem to figure out how to transfer it to my blog!

I wish I had some graphic skills.  Anybody know where I can get some?

Alright… here is the low-down.

TBS coupon

I am putting everything in my booth on sale.

Hermann Antique Mall.

Hurry in for best selection!

Be sure to pick up one of these coupons when you head to the check-out.  They are scattered about my booth.  The ladies at the register will need it to give you your discount.

Happy shopping!

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6 Responses to SALE

  1. Gloria says:

    Wish I lived in the area. But good luck with your sale.

    • christi says:

      Thanks, Gloria! I have sold many items from my booth through this blog. If you see anything in my photos you may be interested in… send me an email!

  2. Holly Thompson says:

    My mom and I went to the Big Red Barn antique show on Saturday before moseying over to Alamo Street. We stumbled upon your darling booth in Hermanns! I immediately feel in love with your pine armoire and was heart broken when I saw a SOLD sign on it! If for some odd chance things fall through, I am very interested in the piece. It’s absolutely beautiful! Also, is there anyway to take pictures of new pieces you add to your booth at Hermanns? I live in Houston but driving to Brenham is a jaunt! I’m an antique junkie and am always on the lookout for new pieces of furniture and treasures! I’ve read every single fabulous posting on your blog! xoxo

    • christi says:

      Holly, thank you for the sweet words! I will try to post photos of new pieces I add to my booth… I have several things I will be adding the first week of February, so watch for those!

  3. judy jancik says:

    Love the Brown Shed website, always enjoy…

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