buckets and vintage linens

I am such a sucker for vintage linens.

They have such a wonderful texture.  A history… a story.

I recently purchased a large bundle of flax linen pieces.

I am sorting through them… selecting a few for myself and some to make into Christmas stockings.

There are tablecloths, kitchen towels, sheets and runners.

The towels would make wonderful hostess gifts.

I also came across these zinc buckets.

These olive buckets and two-handle banded buckets make great containers for small trees and topiaries.

All from Europe.

You can find these goodies at Hermann’s this week.

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6 Responses to buckets and vintage linens

  1. SmithShack71 says:

    Those buckets are total eye candy. Good score!


  2. Loi Thai says:

    Hi, Christi –
    Amazing photos! Gorgeous blog. Love your pails…..perfect for small tabletop trees ~
    Cheers from DC,

  3. Alycia says:


    LOVE the coop! Also…any of those great buckets left?

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Alycia says:

    Sorry….Christi….my tablet wasn’t cooperating so I hopped on the computer. I see it sent both comments even after I stopped sending. Was rocking the baby and misspelling all over the place.


    • christi says:

      Alycia…you were such a great resource when I was in the midst of building the coop! Thank you for enduring all of my questions.

      Merry Christmas to you too!

      (Yes, I have buckets!)

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